We are Stockholm Syndrome.AI!

A Game Design firm, specialized in Artificial Intelligence.
Our mission is to support all size game studios as we create and implement the best custom AI solution.
We follow you through creation and iteration processes to define and enhance your gameplay needs.
Once a strategy is deployed, we follow up to ensure the selected AI strategy scales and behaves properly. In all situations.

We want to make your game special in the most peculiar and interesting way possible.

A.K.A :: We make well behaved adorable villains…

Our Expertise

Our firm specializes in the design and optimization of:

    • NPCs Object builder ::
      Rules for NPC definition (Mesh, skeleton, colliders…)
    • AI systems for NPCs ::
      Perception, Information Propagation, Utility System…
    • Combat Behaviors and Patterns for all types of units ::
      Combat, Pathfinding, Cover, Stealth, Idle, retreat, hug, mission giving, civilian acting…
      it can be anything really!
    • NPC Emoting Systems ::
      facial and body animations, barks, personality emulation
      Dynamic narrative systems and Conversation Systems
    • Smart Objects ::
      AI friendly level design ingredients
    • Bots ::
      AI agent replacing a player in multiplayer games
    • Smart Levels ::
      AI driven Level Manager
    • Contextual AI Overrides ::
      how to constrain NPCs during missions 
    • Crowd optimization ::
      Behavior Level Of Detail, group behaviours, display optimization
    • Online replication ::
      Ensuring AI agent cohesion in the case of networked gameplay

Our Team

Stéphanie Bouchard :: Founder & CEO

Consuelo Peñaloza :: Vice-president