Stockholm Syndrome.AI is a consulting firm for the video games industry. Specialized
in artificial intelligence systems (AI), our firm is here to accompany video games
studios that doesn’t possess this expertise. We accompany our clients during creation
process to define and answer their needs in game matters. Once the AI systems are in
place, we make sure to follow up to ensure our services answers all the clients’ needs.

We work with the client to conceive and integrate the best solutions of artificial
intelligence possible to make the gameplay of each project personalized. Our mission is
to allow studios without an AI expertise to realize their video games visions easily and
at a low cost.


Most of Stockholm Syndrome clients are facing the following issues:

  • The team has few or no prior experience in artificial intelligence and wants to mitigate cost/risk;
  • They attempted to develop AI tools or systems and its team
    • did not manage to deliver a functional tool
    • Ran out of time and is delaying the production
    • do not provide the expected game experience
  • it does not know where to start regarding AI systems and tools.

Our Specialties

Stockholm Syndrome.AI specializes in the design and optimization of ::
AI systems for NPCs
Combat Behaviors and Patterns for all types of units
NPC Emoting Systems
Dynamic narrative systems and Conversation Systems
Bots heuristic systems
Crowd optimization
Online replication


We have a new R&D department!
Our main focus right now is the development of SYNTHETIC SOULS:
A BOT GENARATOR :: For all types of games!
More coming up soon!