Our Expertise

Our firm specializes in the design and optimization of:

    • NPCs Object builder ::
      Rules for NPC definition (Mesh, skeleton, colliders…)
    • AI systems for NPCs ::
      Perception, Information Propagation, Utility System…
    • Combat Behaviors and Patterns for all types of units ::
      Combat, Pathfinding, Cover, Stealth, Idle, retreat, hug, mission giving, civilian acting…
      it can be anything really!
    • NPC Emoting Systems ::
      facial and body animations, barks, personality emulation
      Dynamic narrative systems and Conversation Systems
    • Smart Objects ::
      AI friendly level design ingredients
    • Bots ::
      AI agent replacing a player in multiplayer games
    • Smart Levels ::
      AI driven Level Manager
    • Contextual AI Overrides ::
      how to constrain NPCs during missions 
    • Crowd optimization ::
      Behavior Level Of Detail, group behaviours, display optimization
    • Online replication ::
      Ensuring AI agent cohesion in the case of networked gameplay