About us

Stéphanie Bouchard

Founder, President and CEO

For 13 years Stéphanie Bouchard worked as a Game designer in AAA, indie, Academic research, R&D and Freelance. She worked on all types of games, with all kinds of constraints, with or without budget. After 8 years as a generalist, she fell in love with creating fake homocidal people and decided to specialise in Artificial Intelligence. After all, someone needs to turn the world into black miror.

  • Favorite villain in video games:: GladOS
  • Favorite villain in movies:: Deadpool(Yes, it was originally a comic.)


Suzanne Clemente

Game Designer

Suzanne is a game designer with a background in cognitive and socio-cognitive psychology. After a while studying what makes humans tick, she now replicate the intricacy of human personality and relationships in the virtual realm. According to her, the highlight of game design is making powerpoints and spreadsheet by uncovering the connexions inside a cloud of data. In her spare time, when she is not working on one of her personal projects, she is a game journalist for Geekbecois.

  • Favorite villain in video games:: Flowey (Undertale)
  • Favorite villain in movies:: Keyser Söze (Usual Suspect)

Robert-Simon Edilbert

Technical Game Designer

Robert is the our latest addition. Robert loves teamwork, impossible puzzles and learning new things at ver high speed. He spends most of his day unraveling logic and prunning logic trees. You see, Robert might just be as clever as he is capilarly excentric. We also suspect Robert to be an international man of mystery responsable for the recruting of Santa’s Elves… one day we will be able to prove it.

  • Favorite villain in video games:: Oryx (Destiny)
  • Favorite villain in movies:: Light Yagami (Death Note)