Stéphanie Bouchard

Founder, President and CEO

For 13 years Stéphanie Bouchard worked as a game designer in AAA, indie, academic research, R&D and freelance. She worked on all types of games, with all kinds of constraints, with or without budget. After 8 years as a generalist, she fell in love with creating fake homicidal people and decided to specialise in Artificial Intelligence. After all, someone needs to turn the world into Black Mirror.

  • Favorite villain in video games: GladOS (Portal)
  • Favorite villain in movies: Deadpool (Yes, it was originally a comic.)

Brittany Witham

Product Owner

Brittany wasn’t allowed video games growing up so she’s making up for it now.  She loves building virtual systems and the teams that run them and made the jump to fake villains because let’s face it, it’s frustrating when real people don’t act as you expect them to. Her background in politics is unsettlingly fitting for this role. Outside of work, Brittany can usually be found coming up with new app ideas, debating current events over a beer, or commuting by bike in the winter.

  • Favorite villain in movies: Olivia Octavius (Into the Spider-Verse)

Pascal Soucy

Machine Learning Engineer

With 20 years of experience in machine learning, Pascal knows that practice does not always make perfect, yet he’s still trying. He likes to apply ML for unusual uses in personal projects, like growing oyster mushrooms. When not building ML models, he can sometimes be seen playing heavy metal on baroque instruments or retrogaming on a Raspberry Pi.

  • Favorite villain in video games: Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde
  • Favorite villain in movies: Killgrave (Jessica Jones)


John Henley

Business Development

John Henley is a business development consultant with over 12 years of experience in the gaming industry and a track record in licensing, third party publishing, development deals as well as original IP. He can be found playing video games or taking pictures of his cats when he is not out helping indie devs or brilliant start-ups reach new heights.

  • Favorite villain in video games: Ghosts in Pacman
  • Favorite villain in movies: Jacobim Mugatu (Zoolan