Stockholm Syndrome.AI is a consulting firm for the video games industry specialized in artificial intelligence systems (AI). Our mission is to allow studios without an AI expertise to realize their video games visions easily and at a low cost.

Our company has two branches to fill all of your AI needs.

The Service Branch focuses on the specific needs of our client’s project. We accompany our clients during the creation process to better define what they want. We then work with the clients to conceive and integrate the best AI solutions possible to make their gameplay perfect. Once the AI systems are in place, we make sure to follow up to ensure our services have answered all of the clients’ needs.

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The Tools Branch focuses on developing tools to help studios integrate AI solutions. We offer easy to use tools to integrate common AI behaviors in your game. The tools use Machine Learning to customize its behavior to our clients’ game. All of this at a lower cost than developing a solution by themselves!

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Our clients include all types of studios, from those that have the knowledge in AI development but not the time to implement their systems to those that are tackling the problem for the first time.