The AI Hotline for all your Emergencies

Are you having problems with your boss fight but can’t quite get it to feel smart enough? Are the citizens in your cities lacking realism in their behaviors? Are your fake opponents not convincing enough?

Do not fear!
We are the shining light of hope in your darkest hour!

Our team of AI experts is here to answer all of your questions.
No matter if you are:

  • new at game development
  • experienced in game development but tackling AI systems for the first time
  • an expert that needs a bit of help with a scope that was a bit too ambitious

It’s ok, we’ve got you!

Our Clients

Our clients come in all shapes and sizes with all kinds of game types and systemic concepts. Though there are exceptions, they usually fit in one of the 3 following categories:

Small Indies:

A team of 3 to 5 people working their best to whip up the next IGF contender.

  • Your team is fresh out of school and you are going on a big adventure.
  • Your team is a bunch of seasoned veterans from big studios who always worked with an “AI guy” before and need to figure it out ASAP.
  • Your team is experienced but you are building an AI for a game that has nothing to do with the type of game AI you built in the past and it’s puzzling.

Medium to AAA Studio:

Teams of 25 people and more in need of guidance and arbitration to find compromise.

  • You would like some coaching on how to optimize your game assets and AI systems for a maximum of bang for your bucks.
  • No one on your team has experience making BOTs.
  • Your AI expert just resigned and you need someone to hold the fort… just until shipping… which happens to be in 6 months…

Game Publisher:

Most publishers use us as a powerful diagnostic tool for projects they are curating.

  • You are interested in an IP with a strong AI component and you would like to know if the AI actually works and can be scaled properly before IP acquisition.
  • Your champion team is having a hard time with one of their AI systems and you want to take action before launch needs to be pushed.
  • One of your teams did a great job at making this multiplayer game…
    …with no AI and now matchmaking is a nightmare…
    … And you now might be in desperate need of BOTs, QUICK!

Types of Game AI Systems

Here’s a quick list of some of our greatest hits:

  • AI systems for NPCs
  • Environment markers for NPCs
  • Smart objects
  • Contextual overrides for NPCs during levels or missions
  • Combat behaviors and patterns for all types of units (Yes, boss fights too!)
  • NPC emoting systems
  • Dynamic conversation systems
  • Dynamic narrative or ”Game Master” AI
  • Bots heuristic systems
  • AI crowd optimization
  • Asset optimization
  • AI system optimization using Machine Learning (Coming soon)

Types of Contracts

By the hour:

You need our help to align your ideas and know that you are going in the right direction. Closer to consultation, you think you can manage on your own if we meet you once and we discuss your options and we develop potential solutions with you.

One or two meetings of consultation.

Once a milestone:

You need help with the general design of the AI system, but your team can implement it themselves. We’ll analyze your needs and offer a solution, design and document it, do your asset breakdowns, and at the end of the milestone, review your progression with you. Implementation is on your side.

Two meetings per milestones (before and after), with communication in-between.

Embedded to the core:

You need more than orientation. You want us to find you solution and implement it for you. Our team works in collaboration with yours to create the best systems for you and to implement it in the game along side your team.

Constant collaboration between our two teams.

Why we are the Solution you are looking for

All of this is very nice,
but why should you trust some handsome devils such as ourselves?

  • If you are a team with few or no prior experience in artificial intelligence and wants to mitigate cost and risk.
  • If you attempted to develop AI tools or systems and your team did not manage to deliver a functional tool.
  • If you are about to run out of time and will be forced to delay the launch date.
  • If your AI system did not provide the expected game experience .
  • If you don’t know where to start regarding AI systems and tools and need a guiding hand.

Remember, it is sometimes cheaper to ask for help in a timely fashion.

Some of our esteemed clients