Our R&D Department

In a never ending quest to make better, faster and stronger Game Agents for the masses, Stockholm Syndrome.AI has opened a tools R&D department!
We focus on Agent Optimization using Machine Learning and other tools to ensure quality agents deployed as quickly and efficiently as possible.
Our team works hard so you don’t have to!

Our first tool, currently under development

At Stockholm Syndrome.AI, we believe game bots should have the skill to play against real humans in the way real humans do. Synthetic Souls is an automated heuristic optimizer tool for game bots. It’s like a soul weaver for creating synthetic players using mechanics and strategies symmetrical to human players.

Here’s how it works:
Let’s say you play a game with a friend.

You, playing with a friend.

Your friend has horrible latency and gets kicked out of the game.

Oh non! Connection problems!

In a AAA game, it is now standard to replace your friend with a bot and let you finish the current round.

Great! This AAA had you covered with a bot to replace your friend!

Remember that this is not the case for most indie developers, the player would simply have to finish the game alone or be sent back to the lobby to find a new match with a new player.

Oh no! This game doesn’t support bots! You can’t finish your match…

Synthetic Souls is a tool designed to allow developers to skip the hard/ risky part of ”Brain Scripting” and go straight to the creative parts of gameplay balance and narrative implementation.

It works a bit like this:

As you can see above, our tool is pretty simple to deploy.
Sure, it’s a simplified graph, but the core remains true:
1) Deploy the tool in your game engine and launch
2) Generate data with human and bot players. As players and bots play the game, the tool collects data and uses it to create the bot heuristic.
3) Use our simple interface to tweak the math and further customize the NPCs’ behavior.

The only thing left to do is to slip the heuristic algorithm in an avatar and watch it play with its new friends!

Our tool can be deployed on all types of games!
It is quick, sturdy and reliable!
It has the potential to increase your return on investment!
And most importantly:
Pretty neat, right?

If you, are curious about our tool’s features, are interested in joining our tool tests, want to know more about projected pricing and packages, or have any other questions, please fill this form!

Thanks a lot for your interest!